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My research works in image synthesis (AKA Computer Graphics).
Some interactive demos.
My blogs Shadertoy unofficial and DesmosGraph unofficial.
Some philosophical or political science-related questions.

MobiNet (in french), a pedagogic plateform for video games programming. To make pupils like maths and physique.
The Grenoble 'Sciences and Citizens Cafés' (in french), to help locating the debates where they really are.
The 'Juniors Sciences and Citizens Evenings' (at collège J Flandrin, Corenc) (in french) to learn being curious.
The 'Zetetic Lab' (in French), to improve your scepticism, especially concerning paranormal and pseudo-sciences.
My zetetic presentations (in French).

My image bank of natural scenes (it is part of my work, for real !).
My prettiest bugs or 'how to rename a failure'
My galery of procedural textures (cute, if not useful :-) )
My 3D printing sketches

Some short stories (in french) of Science-Fiction with pieces of Sciences embeded.
My gallery of pretty bizarre photographs (and other handcrafts).   More recent heap:   Selected photos.   Handcraft.
My blog "Zarfoubo: c'est bizarre, c'est fou, c'est bô".
My gallery Algorithmic Graffitis.
The Villeneuve de Grenoble and its parc and art sites (in french), to animate my district (no science here... but the Sciences and Citizens Cafés!)
Si... (from If...) To help keeping modest.
Good jokes sciences related or not.

My Curriculum (in french) from when I was seeking for job.
My interviews on press-radio-TV (in French).

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E-mail : Adresse : Maverick / LJK - INRIA ZIRST, 655 avenue de l'Europe
                38330 Montbonnot Saint Martin - FRANCE
Fax : +33 (0)4 76 61 54 40
Secretariat :    76 61 54 26
(NB: I strongly prefer being contacted by email)