the prettiest of my bugs

computer creativity sometime hides in everyday bugs...

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( images and animations are copyrighted: no public use is allowed without author autorization. )

"Bunny wood engraving" - Shading bug on voxels. (C.Crassin-F.Neyret, 2008)
"Artistic painting" - Bad filter for shadow detection on a city. (F.Neyret, 2002)
"Asteroid explosion" - Bug on triangles shrinking. (F.Neyret, 2002)
"Mandala" - Bug with normals on a folded surface. (J.Combaz-F.Neyret, 2001)
"Native art" - Shadowmap of a billboarded forest. (A.Meyer, 2000)
"Unnatural model regularity" - Excepted that this one is real. (F.Neyret, 1999)
These were intended to be animated clouds, you know... (F.Neyret, 1997)
"Magic spheres" - Bad mapping of a scaffolding onto a sphere. (F.Neyret, 1996)
"Bastet's armour suit" - Small triangles out of buffer. (Ph.Decaudin-F.Neyret, 1996)
"aMazingly freezing weather" - Non-linear enhancement of a forest image. (F.Neyret, 1995)
"Tokamak magnetic field" - Substraction of the same image rendered on SGI and DEC. (F.Neyret, 1995)
"Death star with protecting field" ; "fly eye" - Smooth octree rendering. (F.Neyret, 1994)
"Death star in construction" - Isosurface using an octree. (F.Neyret, 1993)

(to be continued...)