Modeles d'habillage de surface pour la synthese d'images

PhD thesis from Universite Joseph Fourier - avril 2005
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The visual complexity of objects does not only come from their shape, but also from their surface appearence. Surface details are not essential to understand shape. However they are crucial to the realism of the produced images, required by modern graphics applications such as video games, special effects and simulators. In Computer Graphics, texturing methods such as texture mapping are commonly used to enrich the apearence of an object's surface. They allow to introduce variations of the object's material properties along the surface, and thus to create details, from fine colored patterns to bumped or damaged aspects. However, the increasing needs in terms of quality, richness and detail resolution implies an increasing demand on ressources : memory consumption, time and difficulty of creation for artists, time required to compute an image. Existing texturing methods, in particular texture mapping, no longer answer efficiently to all the texturing situations. We propose in this thesis new texturing methods, able to reach extremly high resolutions of details on surfaces while using little memory, reducing creation time for artists, and performing at interactive frame rates. Our methods are designed to run on recent programmable graphics hardware. We rely on multiple approches : semi-automatic compositing of patterns along the surface, view-dependent texture data management, methods based on hierarchical textures to avoid using a global planar parameterization. We also propose practical applications of our generic texturing methods to create effects that were difficult - if not impossible - to achieve previously.

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