Performances comparison between GeForceFX prototype and GeForceFX 5800 Ultra

This performances are measured by rendering one geometric quad covering the full screen (as we are using complex fragment programs, we want to measure the fillrate). The geometry is textured using our Pattern Based Procedural Textures.

Aperiodic Tiling
Aperiodic Tiling with spatial probability distribution control (Areas Map)
Aperiodic Tiling with dithered Areas Map
Aperiodic Tiling with dithered Areas Map and transitions
Code length (compiled with Cg 1.0) 56 instr. 65 instr. 117 instr. 512 instr.
Number of texture lookups 5 7 10 39
GeForceFX prototype 640x480 24.5 FPS 15.5 FPS 8.5 FPS 1.1 FPS
GeForceFX 5800 Ultra 640x480 85 FPS 78 FPS 17.4 FPS 1.9 FPS